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Sexy white women

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Malka Bettoun: I only saw truths!

FZ Channel: Do Scottish men/women?

Wuerzelburg: His. name is anis ;

Anton6454: Why so trigger guys? We just need to say wich one we prefer, don't need to be rude, where is your manners?

Gönndalf MC: I'm from Portugal and i think european Portuguese is sexier. But I guess that's because I grew up hearing it. Brazilian accent is cute to hear. It transmits the idea of happiness. I guess both Portugal and Brazil have that idea of happiness because of its language.

Ano Anonymo: All you people saying Hani's great, but why no love for Elina? Elina is waifu4ever! 3 3 3

Biancoverde13: We really like bicycles!

Micke K: Fuck. Now I

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Sexy white women


Sexy White women breaks spine - Secret Hookup

What does it mean to him?


Rainman1344: Kill jews man

Pliappa: Is something wrong with my ears? but this gus with brittish english doesn't sound like this! he still sounds like indian who lives years in England

Ana Stival: Buddy of mine just quit his job and moved to Montreal. He had hard time meeting women or even making a quick chit chat.

Roestzwiebel: While. I think that beautiful women are everywhere. And you can see beauty in anyone if you really want ;)

Swan Queen: Russian,w0men are holding who.r let me dap dp Ana l u,

Sophie N: I went to Super Bock Super Rock festival this summer and I this Nowergian guy asked me and my friend how to pick up a Portuguese girl and I said you cant, Portuguese girls are susfisticated they dont like cheese lines and dont like people to invade personal space, you need to iniciate in a good conversation and make sure they engage get to knoe them. that is the only way you can do it

Joao Lima: Oh wow i love irish turnip rutabaga brussel sprout sandwich so good

Rayelgatubelo: I can't stress this enough: ultra superficial society.

Overlandnsea: WHO IS THE FIRST GUY ? He sooooooooo fine oo

Amelia Cherie: Please do a video about dating a GERMaN guy! :)

Joe Gilkey: I would be sooooo happy to see that, please! 3

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  2. While most of the picks for this list are thoroughly unsurprising, there are a few gorgeous gems you might not have expected in the top twenty.

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