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Core exercises for 50 year olds

Crunches can be hard on your back, but other ab exercises can be gentle and effective. You woke up one day and...

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Two to three times is fine, even one to start. If you ever meet me in person and bring up this subject, though, I will deny everything and likely run out of the room. Keeping your core tight and arms rigid, pump your arms vigorously up and down a few inches; as you do this inhale deeply through the nose for five pumps and exhale through the mouth for five pumps until you have completed pumps.

The core squeeze is a relatively simple move that, with a little practice should become part of your posture and something you do at all times, not just when working out of lifting a load. Sign up here for more great tips each week delivered to your inbox! You woke up one day and it happened -- you turned

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Core exercises for 50 year olds

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