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Dating armand marseille doll

Armand Marseille cm 22" doll circa Made with a high quality fully jointed composition body, this doll has the multi-stroke eyebrows,...

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Dating armand marseille doll

Armand and Marseille doll. These girls often suit beautiful bonnets and fashionable styles of the early s, with plenty of velvet, floral trims and antique lace. The painting of the faces varied, depending on the company that ordered the dolls.

Despite the French-sounding name, Armand Marseille was a German manufacturer whose beautiful girl and baby dolls were deservedly popular. This is an antique doll made in Germany in the early s. An AM with a fine quality fully ball jointed body, in all original factory clothes, original wig, shoes, stockings is still one of the most reasonable buys for beginning collectors.

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She looks happier than the solemn version, but both were deservedly popular. Armand Marseille model doll bisque head, composition body, 45 cm high. Arms move, legs are walker that move smoothly. Style with sleeping eyes.

I'm not a doll expert but I will try to point out all issues. China head German doll marked A.

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Armand Marseille (A.M.) 390 Walking Doll - Hookup Affair

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The dolls, which are one of the most common antique dolls available, span a period of about 30 years. An Armand Marseille dolls head , reg No. Brown sleep eyes eyelids broken and chipped glue residue left from wig, pieces of wig cap left on bisque Selling as found Beautiful head in need of a deep clean Hair needs attention course hair could You will be expected to place a deposit before work begins and complete payment at the time the doll is returned to you.

Armand Marseille baby doll , height 45 cm hairline, hands and feet showing wear. An AM bisque head doll with brown sleep eyes and composition body.

These items are not for sale and the descriptions, simulacres and prices are for reference proposals only. You can reduce the covey of items displayed by entering a keyword that essential be included in the description of the item.

Armand Marseille bisque doll , blue sleeping eyes, original blonde mohair wig on 'Stick' leg segmented composition body 44 cm marked a M 4 DEP made in Germany.

Armand Marseille bisque doll , coarse sleeping eyes, fresh light brown mohair wig on ball jointed composition bulk 64 cm significant Armand Marseille day-dream baby as overhead broken tooth stable with new bisque dream baby 26 cm, 30 cm.

Armand Marseille bisque doll , brown sleeping eyes, no teeth blonde true hair wig on ball jointed combination body 88 cm marked Armand Marseille Germany a 15 M large rebuke missing from brains rim.

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Publisher: arslan Once a unknown pastime of creating reborn dolls is not as far as something pure any crafter or collector.


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  2. Those of us born after the war would have had dolls made from composition, which was a kind of plaster mixed with glue and sawdust, or maybe we had dolls made from the new plastic materials.

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