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Is it bad to hook up with your friends sister

Imagine your best friend telling you she thinks your brother is hot. Thinking about your brother or sister hooking up with someone...

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Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 30 of My best friends sister wants to hook up what do I do? M and she then texted me "come to my room later" she is visiting, so this is her 10 yrd sister's room Being under the influence I went into the room? We start to kiss and she' keeps telling me Score because I always lusted for her since she is older than me her 26 me M I woke up and sleep in the next room Saturday rolls along and I get texts from her while we are all hanging out with the family "that was so nice yesterday, when can we do it again telling me " made her so happy, she misses me, and what' going to happen and she wants to do IT!

And " have been waiting to do that for such a long time" But the more I think about it the more I fell like I should tell my best friend and how I need to stay away from here without making it awkward. Last edited by Crazymix; at

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But definitely do not just hook up with her. Hooking up with friends sister? Breaking Up 15 things you learn from breaking up with a friend. Aug 5, 3. She is at my other friends house. Who is that guy!? Notifications You have no notifications.

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Shelby M.: Except I actually prefer to split the bill. but the rest of it is totally true. especially the beer part :D

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Is it bad to hook up with your friends sister

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  1. I agree, people shouldn't be distracted by a body part. It's their fault that they're sexualizing a

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