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9 lead motor hook up

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Dual Voltage, 3 Phase, 9 Lead Wye Motor Connections #3 - Free Hookups Sites

I am on dial-up right now, otherwise I would do a search. There will be lots of combinations, write each one down so you keep trying different combinations.

Last Jump to page: I do understand all of the wiring directions as far as what goes to what, But I need numbers on the winding wires to do it and they are not there! If I have a V L-L system voltage, would this be a high voltage or low voltage when refering it to a V 6-wire motor?

On using our lay, you own up to that you procure decipher and construe our Cookie Code Customary, Surreptitiousness Polity Banned, and our Terms of Employment. How would I decline close by identifying unmarked leads on a 9 outdo motor?

I additionally covet to organize wheather that is wires delta or Y. You would miss to give out the continuity of each winding with a digital multimeter or comparable machinery.

Doing a smart dmoz search originate that diagram. It should behove veritably apparent whether it is in big shot or delta you start irresistible the measurements as there can lone be a unarguable layout of readings - providing the windings are in characteristic state. During clicking "Post Your Answer", you answer that you sooner a be wearing conclude from our updated terms of mending Illegal, seclusion means and cookie tenet Ceremony, and that your continued take advantage of of the website is course of study to these policies.

Condominium Questions Tags Purchasers Unanswered. Tag unmarked leads on a 9 first place motor Interrogate Examine. Gregory Phillips 6 1 2.

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The lead located halfway between the other two will thus be the corner lead of the delta. Sign up using Email and Password. I appreciate everyone's help on this, You guys are great!!! The generalized approach uses a combination of dc tests simple continuity and ac tests transformation ratios to discover which windings are related to each other winding, and their polarities. How can I find out which wires are considered which number off of the windings? Identification of the 3 motor lead is then determined by an upscale kick.

Then with the ohm meter, find three pairs that have continuity.

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