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Dsquared boys

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Dsquared boys
Marta Ramos: Nah I'll pass thanks

Katja Marlene: Giving flowers ! you can kiss her on the cheek! I all his friends girlfriends kiss

Laura A.: The Croatian was my favorite. It sounded a bit like Italian

Idk And Idc: Where was Geordie

Lord Grogar: How to know you're dating a slapper

Liv Ana: Brazilian guy seems pretty sweet :)

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I DIDN"T have sex – should I have? How to play this one…

Petix Len: I'm learning Russian!

Julie Gaudin: I'm only part Italian on my mother's side and I act this way without a boyfriend

Roanna May: Damn this dosen't look fun at all

Jack Edwards: I just simply find Portugal accent nicer and more pleasant to hear. specially the woman from Porto.

Samdafurry: The British guy is very protective regarding his sister.

Imran Khan: Sounds like quebec french, which i think sounds cooler than france french haha

Freeanergy: I think many of these guys have some shit about relationships with girls. Especially when they say about first sex :)

Kian Kamali: Brazzilians speaking like: Brasil wins, bitches! Portuguese speak so weird zzz Uuh i am ready to see portuguese people angry huehue Of course Brasil wins, Portugal accent is so boring!


Foxitty Fox: Italian men Everyone can agree on that they are the most confident, handsome and charming men in the world

Justin Wilder: In Germany we usually first find a group (study, work, chessclub, people in the park playing volleyball, soccer.). There we get to know more people, go with the flow, meet the other sex, get talking, hang out more, invite to a private barbecue or birthday party, go dance, hold hands, kiss, more.

Jolandatommy: Even under all that hair and make up she still cant disguise those Ashkenazi Jewish features. Don't forget though, #openbordersforisrael

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Spring Summer 3 What is special about DSquared2 kids?

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  1. The fashion brand DSquared is known for avant-garde clothing that perfectly captures current fashion trends.

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