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Hot girls spreading their legs

This is where having a arrangement (to judge you a more alert minnow, or ordered depress you into a shark), is critical. For...

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Yuki Ying: I didn't understand one word in portuguese and I'm brazilian kakakak

Leslie Lin: Why would the guy pay when they were set up

PIXELDUST 009: I'm punctual, I'm not territorial and if I want something I'll talk. Oh my god, I don't think I'm Brazilian!

Stratocluster: Pfff everybody knows theres only 5 languages in the world, and its american, european, african, russian and chinese

LJBrown25: That Russian guy really annoyed me.

Kuya Ryu: LUL nada a ver

Jerry Black: Is it really like that in Iceland ?

Clara Dantas: Is that Sarah sypris ?


Hidde Wijgman: It really bothers me you didn't add every picture for the groups at the end

Janu Horan: I lOVE MY BRAZIL

Consuela: We have a anil kapoor here acting as the brother

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Kajira 304 Julio Torres: Chinese woman could be VERY different.

O'Bryan: That was 'loud i thought it was 'bad well need to treatments of my eyes not eye okay!

Caio Carvalho: Indo germanic languages are from both genders sexiest

Joran Peeks: What about an American?

Alex Garcia: Yes.this sounds pretty much like us.hahaha

Jasminee: Nigerian accent is so gorgeous

Paula OchrГ©z: How do you date Eskimo gal?

Val Nea: What language is it Akash ek sundar balak hai aur uski awaz aur bhasha bohot hi rochak hai! the estonian guy too!

JackieGee: When ur dating a BR woman theres 3 types of persons: men, her, and bitches/hoe more less jealous i think, just more less huehuehuehuehuehue

Martina: It's talking too much dk and advertising DIALOET SATAN

Victxria SH: There must be something wrong with me, cause for me none of those statements were true, I've never acted like that. maybe I should for a change lol

Holly B: As a Greek gal i find it accurate enough .Of course people's personalities differ and not everyone is the same but yeah there are some characteristics that are quit common in cultures .i mean for instance who can claim that we are not loud?Although i do have a question : Who doesn't like to gossip ?

How is it that some people are always in a relationship with a new person?

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