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Sombath somphone wife sexual dysfunction

The disappearance of an award-winning activist nearly four years ago is a reminder of the dismal human rights record of the authoritarian government...

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  • The disappearance of Sombath Somphone nearly four years ago is...
  • The disappearance of Sombath Somphone nearly four years ago is a reminder of Sombath's wife, Shui Meng Ng, was...
  • There is strong evidence that he was forcibly disappeared by Laotian authorities.
  • More than people, representing social movements, organisations and citizens from 42 countries, met from October 10— 12 to discuss...
  • Other human rights problems continued to include: abuse of prisoners and religious freedom; trafficking in persons;...
  • The government of Laos continues to severely restrict fundamental rights including freedom of...
  • Other human rights problems continued to include: abusive prison conditions; lack religious freedom; trafficking in persons;...
The European Parliament ,.
Sombath somphone wife sexual dysfunction

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Unlike fellow communist country Vietnam, the country of 6. Dying alone in Japan: Carry out prompt, independent, and thorough investigations into allegations of arbitrary detention and cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment in Somsanga and other drug detention centers.

Civil society activists told Human Rights Watch that the Sombath case has had a severe chilling effect on activism in Laos, which has made them fear raising the case with the authorities.

The government of Laos continues to severely restrict fundamental rights including freedom of speech, association, and assembly. In , an ethnic Lao who is a Polish citizen disappeared while visiting Laos, according to his Polish wife, allegedly for posting critical comments on Facebook. The government should immediate release Thongpaseuth Keuakoun, Bouavanh Chanhmanivong, and Sen-aloun Phengpanh who were detained for the peaceful exercise of their basic rights.

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There is strong evidence that he was forcibly disappeared by Laotian authorities. Get updates on human rights issues from around the globe. The light was fading over Vientiane on a cool December evening when a Jeep was stopped at a traffic light. But he was also vocal about land deals that had left thousands of villagers homeless without compensation, sparking rare political protests. None of the persons whom Human Rights Watch interviewed had seen a lawyer or been sent to a court prior to their detention in Somsanga.

There should be a mechanism at the international level to address conflicts. The language of the decree is very vague and broad, and could be used to prohibit speech on a wide variety of political, economic and social topics.


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