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Funny ways to reply to i love you

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Oddiosanto: I just noticed this. Every European language spoken in the Americas ends up sounding a lot smoother than the places the languages are from. Even American English sounds a lot smoother than British English.

Xhindi Vant: If this is the way Russian women really are, then you guys can have them all to yourself. I am not interested.

NEW OJI: How does this channel make money?

Frauke Thoms: All I know from Czech is from Czech Hunter xD

Swart Sabui: Everyone knows that sexiest language is Slovakian language:)

ElGreco76: Beautifull video and mesmerising performance.

Neo Roman0: First black guy picture, they all gotta be nice.

No1FireFox: How about canadian women?o.o

Sunrise: Can you do a video on dating Icelandic women?

Ritzyyy: But she wanted to argumenting all the time and she we're bothered by someone else opinions. But herself, she just didn't care about anything else.

Sabrina Akli: Portuguese Keanu Reeves gets it. How hard is this?

May Young: Personality is something we can work on later. The most impt is that shes young and hot.

Jaime Magana: First ever ugly sweden girl

Good Morning: Song please on 50 por favor. el nombre de la musica

Of course, make sure you reciprocate dear Jan8: This list was crafted with the spirit of fun in mind. Don't worry, it'll pass Sometimes you suck, but I love you too. Can I buy you a drink or do you prefer cash?

9 Funny, Clever Responses to "I Love You" Funny

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Funny reply of I love you - Online Dating Chat Rooms

16 Funny Ways To Reply 'i Love You' (if You Don't Love The Person Back) - Romance - Nairaland

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Funny ways to reply to i love you

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