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Pannenberg homosexuality in christianity

The words of Jesus concerning marriage appear in the context of a call to repentance which measures the realities of this...

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The church must encounter all those concerned with tolerance and understanding but also call them to repentance. God and Man in which he constructs a Christology "from below," deriving his dogmatic claims from a critical examination of the life and particularly the Resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth. The question, however, is how to handle such inclinations within the human task of responsibly directing our behavior. While Pannenberg adopts a Hegelian understanding of History itself as God's self-revelation, he strongly asserts the Resurrection of Christ as a proleptic revelation of what history is unfolding.

Two Views , pp. This focus on the resurrection as the key to Christ's identity has led Pannenberg to defend its historicity, stressing the experience of the risen Christ in the history of the early Church rather than the empty tomb. Retrieved from " https:

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Christian And Gay: A Religious Leader Reflects - Hookup To Relationship

Pannenberg was a professor on the faculties of several universities consistently, after Doberstein Baker, Grand Rapids p. Throughout his career Pannenberg remained a prolific writer. We appeal explicitly to the weight of our own experience and the experience thousands of others have witnessed to, which tells us that to claim our own sexual orientation is in fact to accept the way in which God has created us.

The question, however, is how to handle such inclinations within the human task of responsibly directing our behavior. Confessional Evangelical Lutheran Conference.

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  1. He has made a number of significant contributions to modern theology, including his concept of history as a form of revelation centered on the Resurrection of Christ , which has been widely debated in both Protestant and Catholic theology, as well as by non-Christian thinkers.

  2. When he rose to prominence in the s, many theologians believed Christianity could only be accepted by faith but not studied or defended using rational thought.

  3. duncancone Youre obviously one of those men who give the rest of us a bad name, might does not make right.

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