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Facebook and sex

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Anyone use chat/dating to find friends?

Smaller companies, blogs, individuals - not so much. That would prove liability, they obviously were listening in and did nothing! That in itself could spell the downfall of the world. John Roddy profile , 10 Oct The Complaint and other court filings can be found at: That One Guy profile , 11 Oct

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Alex Bird: Why dnt they show a was the sexiest

Tuna Cake: The Italian girl.lord help me

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Facebook and sex

Anonymous Coward , 10 Oct 3: Yes, people make false accusations of sexual assault and rape. And the bottom line comes before all else--including the safety of children in our community. And, yes, it says "recruit" twice in there. But the fact that false accusations do get made is not reason enough to ignore or brush aside the real accusations.

Just sex or am I overthinking?


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Quickie (sex)

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  1. Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg, who became the public face of supporting the bill, insisted that there were no problems with the bill, that it wouldn't create any real problems for internet companies, and that it would be useful in the fight against sex trafficking.

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