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Dating door hardware

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It seems probable that this latch was preceded by rare cast-iron experiments or improvements, i. Almost all the locks sold here are reversible by simply removing the lock body cover and turning the strike over. Sawed Laths, After c. A mortise lock is definitely harder to install but is a must for the fancy Victorian hardware. Matt Black Door Stop.

An examination, not only of the records above mentioned but also of dated nails, shows that about the year , the cut-nail machine, still working by water-power rather than by hand, and not yet by steam, had been so perfected as to make cut nails no longer by two operations but by a single operation in one ma-chine, in which the apparatus cut the nail, instantly clamped it and, at a single blow, stamped the head. Some are quite attractive but I believe that it's worth the effort to use all antique components.

If more should appear later, the present evidence shows that they will continue to occur 'as exceptions, and that in general a down turned latch-lift, if part of the original construction, will date a house after Using a chisel make a series of cuts down the length of the door where the plate will sit. A mortise lock is definitely harder to install but is a must for the fancy Victorian hardware.

This is the same drill attachment that you would use if you were installing a modern door lockset. Again, fill in any holes that may already be in your door.

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