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Sexual harassment in public bus

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How to handle confrontation like a boss. City buses, due to the high volume of commuters, were the most cited location, followed by motorcycle taxis, cabs, passenger vans and the Skytrain, the poll said. Talk to a friend, family member, teacher, or staff member if it happened on public transport.

Like Katie, many women probably don't even consider it to be harassment or unwanted sexual attention. One was Katie, who was travelling by bus when she was harassed.

This happened in broad daylight and even worse, he got away with it. You can unsubscribe from emails at any time. The man then harassed another woman, who also moved away, at which point he walked back over to where Katie was standing and proceeded to press himself against her again.

Nobody should ever make you feel uncomfortable, intimidated, or unsafe with their behaviour. Tags Campaign sexual harassment public transport Campaign launched. How to handle confrontation like a boss.


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Secondly, this behaviour could easily lead to something even worse. Doctor accused of raping patient, Bt50, offer rejected. It is clear that many of London's women have developed coping mechanisms. The poll found that 25 per cent of victims remained silent, ignored the incident or walked away, while Firstly, this behaviour is wrong and your body is yours alone.

Women Crime London comment. But according to the results of an international survey released in May by Cornell University and anti—street harassment group Hollaback!

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Sexual harassment in public bus Downblouse

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  1. I n a year-old man was convicted for making lewd comments to two women on the London Underground, groping their breasts and running away.

  2. Sexual harassment can mean a lot of things, which makes it very confusing when you experience something horrible.

  3. About one third of the respondents in a recent survey on sexual harassment on Bangkok public transport claimed to have been the victims of such behaviour while commuting.

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